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Business Service Behaviors

The FINS Application View Navigation Service is constrained by the following behaviors:

  • The business service can be invoked from any screen.
  • The navigation is limited to the views in the current screen that are accessible to the current login.

    For example, if there is a product that is associated with views in both the Contact and Opportunity screens, and the invocation occurs inside the Contact screen, views in the Opportunity screen are ignored. Furthermore, the views that the current login do not have access to are also ignored.

  • A view in the view list that is left by clicking the Next button, is treated as a visited view.
  • At any point in the view navigation, if a next view request is triggered and there are views ahead of the current views not marked as visited, the service navigates to the skipped views.
  • During the navigation sequence, the master buscomp record row Id should not be changed. Otherwise, all the views will be treated as unvisited after the record change.
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