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Managing the Custom-Defined Relationship Types LOV

If you are logged in as the Siebel administrator, you can create and maintain a list of predefined custom-defined relationship types. A default list of values is provided with the application. These relationship types appear in the drop-down LOV for the Type field found on the Relationship Hierarchy views, in the Party Relationship applet.

To add a custom-defined relationship type

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Data screen > List of Values view.
  2. In the List of Values list, create a New Query where Type equals PARTY_RELATIONSHIP_TYPE.

    At least six records will be returned, showing the existing list of values for custom-defined relationship type.

  3. In the List of Values list, add a record, and complete the necessary fields.

    Some fields are described in the following table.



    Determines whether the value is displayed to the end user in the Relationship drop-down list.

    Display Value

    Value as displayed in the Relationship drop-down list.

    Language Independent Code

    Code used internally by the Siebel application.

    Language Name

    Language used for the list of values Display Value field.


    Numerical order in which a value is displayed within the Relationship drop-down list.

    Parent LIC

    Language-independent code of a parent list of values. It is used in hierarchical list of values.


    When checked, indicates that the list of values is part of a multilingual list of values (MLOV).


    The type of list of values. For this procedure, select PARTY_RELATIONSHIP_TYPE.

NOTE:  You cannot delete LOV table entries. Use the Active check box to deactivate an LOV entry and thereby remove it from the Relationship drop-down list.

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