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Deleting Company Information

Deleting a company completely removes the company, as well as all activities related to the company, from the system. Only delete a company record if you are certain that the company is no longer active. If end users are unsure whether or not a company is still active (and therefore should not be deleted), they have the option of removing themselves from the company team instead of deleting the record.

As the Siebel administrator, you can make a company unavailable to all other users. First, you can assign yourself as the primary team member. Second, you remove all other employees from the company's team.

To make a company unavailable to all other users

  1. Navigate to the Companies screen > Companies Administration view.
  2. In the Company list, drill down on the Name link.
  3. In the Company Team dialog box, locate the administrator, and click in the Primary field.
  4. In the Company Team dialog box, delete all other coverage team members and click OK.

    Only those users with access to the All Companies and All Companies Across Organizations views will be able to see this company.

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