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Scenario for Promoting a Market Opportunity to Targeted List of Clients

This scenario features sample tasks performed by a financial institution's applications administrator and an investment representative. Your company may follow different workflows according to its business requirements.

An administrator is requested to add a new municipal bond issue to Siebel Finance. The administrator checks if all the required information to define the security exists in the application, and creates list of values entries as necessary. Then, the administrator adds the municipal bond by entering product information, which includes such details as the product name, symbol, industry, region, and sector.

In the morning sales meeting, they discuss the new bond product. After covering the details of the new product on the morning call, the sales team cross references the new bond's profile against the list of their clients' interested in purchasing the new bond. The firm anticipates the current bond market rally to continue and the firm takes a substantial position in NYC municipals. The fixed income desk is requested to promote the product heavily for the week.

At the conclusion of the call, the bond desk creates a targeted, prioritized call list to promote the product. They search for investors and contacts who have expressed interest in bonds. Further, they target investors and individuals who are holding or have expressed interest in Munis. The financial instrument held has a B rating. The salesperson first targets investors and individuals interested in B rating or better, and also customers with accounts registered in NY or managing NY mutual funds. Munis represent the highest values to these customers.

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