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Siebel Finance Basic Functionality and Modules

Siebel Finance Basic Functionality

Siebel Finance Basic (exclusively for customers upgrading from the Siebel Janna applications) provides comparable functionality to Siebel Janna for Institutional Finance or Siebel Janna Contact Enterprise, which includes the following functionality:

  • Relationship management, provides a graphical, hierarchical representation of an entity's relationship with other entities for use by a range of users in financial services
  • Specific querying, which allows product promotion to specific segments, accounts, and other targeted opportunities
  • Activity management, integrated with the Calendar, promotes streamlined call planning and call reporting
  • Enterprise-wide literature repository at your employees' fingertips, provides information sharing across sales teams and locations

Siebel Finance Basic Modules

Two modules, Siebel Opportunity Manager and Siebel Household Management, are exclusively for use with Siebel Finance Basic:

  • Siebel Opportunity Manager. When used with Siebel Finance Basic, Siebel Opportunity Manager helps financial sales professionals develop, manage, and drive their pending opportunities or deals to closure. Siebel Opportunity Manager's opportunity and deal management capabilities include lead generation, managing opportunities, and forecasting.
  • Siebel Household Management. When used with Siebel Finance Basic, Siebel Household Management helps financial sales professionals manage consumer household information.

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