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About Analyzing Forecasts

Forecasts can be analyzed a number of ways.

Using Charts to Analyze Forecasts

End users can view forecasts by clicking the Chart hyperlink in either the Details view or the Summary view in the Forecasts screen. It is possible to view forecasts by month, quarter, or year from the Chart view. Also, depending on access privileges, end users can compare individual forecasts from the My Forecast Analysis view, the My Team's Forecast Analysis view, and the All Forecast Analysis view. In the Forecast Analysis view, end users can select or highlight the forecasts they want to compare and the summary data is automatically aggregated. Then they can use the charts to see, for example, revenue by forecast by month.

Using Reports to Analyze Forecasts

For information about running reports, see Fundamentals.

Using Analytics to Analyze Forecasting

For information about analytics, see Siebel Analytics User Guide.

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