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About Configuring Revenue SmartScripts

Using the Administration - SmartScripts screen, you can edit the behavior of the Script command in the Revenues list.

You can make changes to:

  • The order in which questions are asked.
  • The appearance of the questions: font style, color, and grouping of questions on the pages.
  • Which business object, business component, and field answers are set.
  • What questions are asked. You can only create questions that directly set revenue fields based on the answers. No special logic can be built on answers to questions you create.

You cannot make changes to:

  • The default values for questions.
  • The special logic that handles the revenue creation. (For example, questions like "How many revenues do you want to create?" and "Remove existing revenues?" and processes such as the one used to divide total revenue into periodic revenues.)

    NOTE:  If more complicated logic is required, you can build a VB script that will be invoked during the execution of the SmartScript.

For more information about SmartScripts, see Siebel SmartScript Administration Guide.

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