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Enabling the ADM Deployment Project

Enabling the Application Deployment Manager (ADM) deployment project is a task in the Process for Migrating Customizations Between Applications.

Enabling the project:

  • Validates data filters created on the data types.
  • Enables the project for use in deployment sessions.
  • Locks the project values, that is, nothing can change except the Active field. (If you inactivate the project by clearing the Active field, you cannot deploy the project.)

NOTE:  After a project is enabled, it cannot be updated but can be set inactive to prevent further usage. To update an enabled project, copy the project and provide a different name.

To enable the ADM deployment project

  1. From the application-level menu, choose Navigation > Site Map > Application Deployment Manager screen.
  2. From the link bar, click Deployment Projects.
  3. In the Deployment Projects list, select the draft deployment project of interest. (The Status field of the draft deployment project record appears as Draft.)
  4. Click the Enable button to activate the project.

    ADM populates the Status field with Enabled and the Publication Date/Time field with the data and time of the project activation.

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