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Deploying Sessions Using the Application Deployment Manager GUI

Deploying sessions by using the ADM GUI is one means to migrate data from one Siebel application environment to another, and is a task in the Process for Migrating Customizations Between Applications. For other deployment options, see the following sections:

Before deploying a session, make sure that required configurations are complete and a deployment session exists. See Creating Deployment Sessions Using ADM for information on creating deployment sessions and other required configurations.

To migrate a deployment session

  1. From the application-level menu, choose Navigation > Site Map > Application Deployment Manager screen.
  2. From the link bar, click Deployment Sessions.
  3. Select the deployment session of interest. Make sure the Deployment Lock field is checked.
  4. Click the Deploy button.
  5. Enter the password for the target system user and then click the Deploy button.

    The Status field of the deployment session record changes to Submitted. Click the Refresh button to further update the status of the deployment.

    NOTE:  The volume of data and the number of items within a session contribute to the processing time.

  6. Check the details of the deployment by reviewing ADM log files and the EAI queue. See Reviewing the ADM Data Migration for further information on these tasks.
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