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Creating Content Objects for ADM

Creating a content object for Application Deployment Manager (ADM) is a task in the Process for Migrating Customizations Between Applications. This task expands the data types that can be migrated using ADM.

NOTE:  The preconfigured data types do not require any configuration in Siebel Tools.

Before creating a content object, make sure you have created an integration object for the data you want to migrate. See Creating Integration Objects for ADM.

The content object specifies the data that will be migrated from one Siebel application to another. Each content object is composed of a business object and an integration object.

Content objects are also used by Content Center. The following procedure references properties necessary for ADM functionality. For Content Center functionality, additional properties must be set for the Content object. For further information on Content Center, see Applications Administration Guide.

NOTE:  One content object can be used by both Content Center and ADM at the same time.

To create content object for ADM

  1. In Siebel Tools, navigate to Content Objects type.
  2. Create a new record.
  3. Add the data type business object to the content object record.
  4. Add the data type integration object to the content object record.
  5. Create child records. On the child record, enter the name of a view that does not have any visibility setting (admin view) by selecting from the picklist.

    The child record determines which view will be used during the preview functionality in the ADM GUI. This view must correspond to the business object of the data area.

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