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Verifying Van Inventory in Siebel Consumer Goods Handheld

As a van sales representative, before you visit outlets, you need to verify that the inventory on the handheld matches the actual inventory in the van. The inventory is verified by performing a cycle count.

To do a cycle count

  1. Navigate to the Cycle Counting screen.
  2. Choose My Pending Cycle Counts from the Show drop-down list.
  3. Select the appropriate cycle count record for the current date and time.
  4. Tap Start.

    Tapping Start displays the Cycle Count Products view, records the start time, and changes the status of the Cycle Count to In Progress.

  5. In the detail view, tap the List Products button.

    This populates the list of products for the cycle count.

    NOTE:  The List Products button in the Cycle Count Products view lists all products in the current van inventory belonging to a particular sales representative. This includes the various product buckets such as Good, Defective, and so on.

  6. Verify the count of the stock in your van and enter the amounts of each item in the Count column.

    NOTE:  You can also use the Count UOM1 and Count UOM2 fields to capture the count of the physical inventory. These fields represent two units of measure that are related by Case Pack, which is a value set up by the administrator. Updates to Count UOM1 and Count UOM2 also updates Count when it is committed based on the Case Pack.

  7. When you are finished entering the amounts for your inventory, tap Count Complete.

    The Count Complete button locks the Cycle Count Product records, preventing any further changes.

  8. If there are any products with variances greater than or less than zero, select those products and press Adjust to update inventory with the current count.

    NOTE:  The Adjust button only processes selected records. Use CTRL + Tap to select multiple records.

  9. Return to My Pending Cycle Count by choosing it from the Show drop-down list and tap End.

    The value in the Status field is changed from In Progress to Done.

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