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Configuring Form Applets for the Handheld Client

The handheld uses a specialized algorithm to format and display form applets. Due to the display limitations on the device, only one pair of label and field controls are displayed on each row of the form, regardless of the layout shown within Siebel Tools.

Layout Sequence

When configuring for the handheld device, the Applet Web Template Items in the Applet Web Template determine the controls that appear on a form applet. The layout of form applets on the handheld device is determined by the HTML Sequence field set on control objects.

The HTML Sequence field determines the screen layout of a handheld device. Controls are ordered from top-to-bottom based on their HTML Sequence property values. Label and control pairs that do not fit on the same line as other label and control pairs wrap to the next line.


Keep field labels in applications short (approximately 12 characters or fewer, depending on the character width). Use abbreviations where possible. Labels that are too long are truncated.

Group Boxes

Group boxes are not supported and are not displayed in form applets, even if they are added in the Web Applet Designer. Therefore, reword the field labels to include group box information if necessary. For example, you may have two group boxes on the form, one labeled Ship To and another labeled Bill To. Each group box includes a field named Address. Because group boxes are not supported, the Ship To and Bill To labels are lost, and two fields with the identical Address label remain. Therefore, you must rename the Address labels "Ship To Addr" and "Bill To Addr" or some other label that distinguishes them.

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