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Defining Documents for Handheld

Defining documents for printing includes several steps:

  • Determine the documents your users need to print.
  • Determine the views from which they are most likely to print the documents.
  • Lay out the document for printing.

Determining which documents users will need and the views from which they are most likely to print requires that you have a good understanding of the users' day-to-day work.

Whether the existing applets in a view include most of the required data or only a small portion is a secondary consideration. It is not likely that a printout of the existing applets, which are formatted for an electronic PDA interface, will provide an acceptable or usable printed document. In most instances, you need to create additional applets that are specifically used for printing data.

The printed document will be composed of several applets which are added to the view. The applets pull the data from the underlying business components. These applets, in turn, direct the data to the print templates discussed in Print Tagging Language.

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