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Configuring Component Level Settings for Siebel Handheld

You administer server components for your handheld device from the Administration-Mobile > Server Component screen. The component displayed is based on the application selected in the Application Administration view. The Server Component Administration screen is used for overriding application settings at the component level on a specific server. The data entered here is used by the synchronization engine when the user synchronizes with the server.

NOTE:  You can use this method for Direct Server Sync but not Companion Sync.

The Server Component screen contains a list of server components associated with the application that was selected in the Application Administration screen. For each server component, the Settings view details the associated settings.

The Name field value needs to be the exact component name, such as "SalesceObjMgr_enu", of the Handheld Sync server component.

Server component settings are used primarily for functionality required for individual server components. For example, thread throttling is dependent on components running on a particular server and is best set at the server component level. Examples of settings that might be made at the component level are MaxTotalThreadLoads, TranProcThreadLoad, DBExtractThreadLoad, and so on. Generally, settings made at the application level are shared by all server components.

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