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Monitoring Synchronization Sessions for Siebel Handheld

The Session Administration view allows you to gather all data related to each sync session a user performs. The Sync Status list appears above two child lists: Sync Sessions and Extraction Info. These lists allow you to do the following:

  • Sync Status: Allows you to monitor each user sync session, and includes such data as: sync status, the date, type of sync and so on.
  • Sync Sessions: Allows you to gather further information on the status of each sync session, including conflicts during the sync, the size of the data extracted, and so on.
  • Extraction Info: Allows you a detailed look at all data extracted during the sync session, including business component information, the number of records extracted. You use this list to help get answers to questions such as the following:
    • Why did a particular record download to the device?
    • Why is an expected server record not downloaded to the device?
    • Why is the total number of records showing up in some view so big?
    • Why is the total number of records showing up in some view so small?
    • Why does the extraction take so long?

      There is one extraction record for each unique extraction context. The extraction record will list the filters used to control the extraction, the context of the extraction, how many records exist in that context for those filters, and how long it took to extract that set of records. By analyzing these records, and looking at all extraction changes resulting from filter changes, and, or changes to search specs (defined in Siebel Tools), you can answer all of the above questions.

To monitor synchronization sessions

  • From the application-level menu, select Navigate > Site Map > Administration-Mobile > Session Administration.

    The Sync Status list appears, with the two child lists, Sync Sessions and Extraction Info, below it.

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