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Setting a Bonus Threshold in Consumer Goods Handheld

Bonus thresholds allow you to control how many items trigger a bonus. For example, if you want to offer one free case of soda for every three that a customer purchases, you set the bonus threshold for soda cases to three.

For information about creating price lists, see Pricing Administration Guide.

To indicate a bonus threshold for an item in a price list

  1. From the application-level menu, choose Navigate > Site Map > Administration - Pricing Administration > Price Lists.
  2. In the Price Lists list, select a price list.
  3. Click the Price List Line Items view tab.
  4. In the Price List Line Items list, select a line item.
  5. In the Bonus Threshold field, enter the number of items that triggers a bonus. For example, for a "buy three, get one free" offer, enter 3.

    If the Bonus Threshold column is not displayed, click the list menu button and select Columns Displayed to add the Bonus Threshold column to the Displayed Columns list.

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