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Deploying Patches to the Handheld Application with Direct Server Sync

In order to set up patch deployment for Direct Server Sync users, you need to patch the Siebel server and patch one handheld client which serves as the "model" from which patch files are pulled. Then the patch files are then packaged and placed in the location on the server where PatchAgent expects to find the files. The next time the end user synchronizes with Siebel server, the patch is installed onto his or her device.

For more information on how the patch process works with synchronization, see Downloading Patches to the Handheld Device.

To set up patch deployment

  1. On Siebel server, verify that the following directories exist. If they do not, create the directories.
    • C:\patch\AppBinDir
    • C:\patch\WinDir

      NOTE:  You may specify a drive other than C:. However, the directory names must be specified as shown above.

  2. Apply the patch to Siebel server.
  3. Apply the patch to one handheld client.
  4. Examine the handheld directory (My Device\Program Files\Siebel Handheld) and copy the files with the latest date to the Siebel Server directory (C:\patch\AppBinDir).
  5. Examine the handheld directory (My Device\Windows) and copy the files with the latest timestamp to the Siebel Server directory (C:\patch\WinDir).
  6. From the DOS prompt, change directory to Siebel Root\SWEApp\BIN.
  7. Execute the following command to stage the patch files and the patchlist.txt in the correct location on the server:

    C:\Siebel Root\SWEApp\BIN>createpatchlist /s c:\patch /t c:\Siebel Root\sweapp\cepatch

    /s - source directory. The directory where the patch files were moved.

    /t - target directory. The directory where PatchAgent checks for the patch files.

    NOTE:  You may specify a drive other than C:. However, the location of the source and target directories must be specified exactly as shown.

    After the patch files have been moved and the patch list created, the following message appears: "Patch List has been successfully created in Siebel Root\SWEApp\cepatch files transferred successfully."

The patch files are now ready to be deployed to Direct Server Sync end users.

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