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Associating Opportunities with Accounts in Sales Handheld

Accounts are a source of business for your company. An opportunity is a potential revenue-generating event and is another type of information that you can use to manage your accounts within Siebel Sales Handheld.

To add an opportunity to an account

  1. Navigate to the Accounts screen.

    The My Accounts list appears.

  2. From the Show drop-down list, select My Accounts.
  3. In the My Accounts list, select the account to which the opportunity will be associated.
  4. From the Show drop-down list, choose Opportunities.

    The Account Opportunities view appears.

  5. In the Account Opportunities view, tap to select the Opportunities list, then from the File menu, select New Record.
  6. In the Opportunities list, complete the necessary fields for the new record.

    The Account field is automatically populated with the name of the selected account. Sales stage selections are based on the sales methods used by your organization.

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