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Configuring Print Buttons for the Handheld Application

While users can use the File > Print menu option to print a document, it is helpful to include a Print button on the applet to give users a visual reminder that it is possible to print from a particular view.

When you design your applets, keep the following in mind when deciding where to place the print button:

  • Add the print button to the applet that is visible to the user. Do not add the print button to the print applet, which the user never sees.
  • Consider what the desired behavior is when determining the placement of a print button.

    For example, in a parent-child view, you may want to add the print button to the parent applet to ensure that the print button is always enabled. This is not necessarily true if the print button is placed on the child list applet. If there are no items in the list applet, the print button is disabled, and the end user cannot print from that view. If you only want the end user to print when there are list items, then placing the button on the child list applet is appropriate.

To configure a print button

  1. From Siebel Tools, add a control to the print applet and specify HTML Type = Button.
  2. Set Method Invoked = Print.
  3. Set the Display Name property of the button. Generally, this is set to Print.
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