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About Business Component Filters

Business component filters are used in some cases to restrict the size of extractions that otherwise might be excessive. They suppress the extraction of business component records. Business component filters should be employed with discretion because excessive filtering can cause server data integrity problems.

Business component filters can be specified at either the Application level or the User level, but not at the Component level. They should not be specified at the user level outside of your test environment, and once tested should be migrated to the Application level.

If you are configuring for handheld synchronization, a suggested practice, is to start with no business component filters at all. Attempt a sync and even if the sync fails due to excessive data extraction volumes, view the extraction results to determine the business components for which the data extraction was excessive. If any business component extraction is found to be excessive, you can reduce the extraction by adjusting the existing search specs specified in Siebel Tools (applets and business components), or Handheld Settings (for example, in DefaultBusObj), and selection filters (business object filters). If nothing else works, a business component filter can be used to force a reduction in the result set for a particular business component.

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