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Downloading Patches to the Handheld Device

Patches are downloaded as part of the synchronization process. Once the patch is staged, the patch is downloaded the next time the end user synchronizes the handheld with Siebel server. The end user synchronizes as he normally would using Direct Server Sync. First, any transactions are uploaded from the handheld device. Then:

  • If a patch needs to be applied to the handheld, the synchronization process terminates, and the patch process is started, which downloads the patch.
  • If no patch needs to be applied, the synchronization process continues until the process is complete.

After a successful patch installation, Siebel Handheld Sync will launch automatically and continue the extraction.

If the patch files are not successfully downloaded, the end user is prompted to restart the patch process. The end user must locate and launch patchagent.exe manually. Then, once the patch is successfully installed, the end user is prompted to complete the synchronization.

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