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Action Business Component

The primary business component in the Service Handheld application is the Action business component.

NOTE:  The Service Handheld application uses the ActionSHCE business object unlike other Siebel applications that use the Action business object.

Activities are based on the Action business component and, therefore, the following views and screens are based on the Action business component:

  • Activities Activities view
  • Activities Details view
  • Parent applets in each Activities screen
  • New Activity view in the Activities screen

The Service Handheld application is based on activities and all other data relationships are based on the Action object. By default, the activities that are selected for download are determined by a combination of the repository configuration, a business component filter, and a business object Filter. The business component filter is defined to select activities that meet both of the following criteria:

  • Activities for which the end user is a team member or owner, and
  • Activities for which the activity status is not Declined, Cancelled, or Done

Therefore, the end user sees only his or her open activities—that is, activities that require some action. Generally, the end user does not see activities for other users or activities that do not require action. For example, a field repair activity may be assigned to a field technician, and this activity automatically gets downloaded. There may be instances when you want activities that are assigned to another user to get downloaded. For example, a service center technician makes a follow-up call to the customer related to the activity assigned to the field technician. In order to download the follow-up call activity, you need to make the service center technician and the field technician part of the same team and assign the team to the activity.

This set of user's activities is further reduced by the default business object filters which specify a time frame for the activities:

  • Today
  • Past Due and Today
  • Past Due till Tomorrow
  • Today and Tomorrow
  • Past Due, Today, and Tomorrow

The activities that are filtered for a user determine which associated accounts, service requests, and orders are downloaded. The association between the remaining business objects is configured in Siebel Tools.

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