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About Queries in Handheld

Use Query to locate a number of records containing a specific set of criteria. There are a number of ways in which to perform query tasks in your Siebel Handheld application.

Creating a Query

To begin a query, you can choose View > Query > New... from the application-level menu, or you can tap the New Query button on the toolbar. Both provide you with a blank form or list where you can enter your query criteria, depending on where you are in the application when you invoke the command. The asterisk wild card function (*) can be used in the search criteria.

Executing a Query

After you have created the query, you can execute it by choosing View > Query > Run... from the application-level menu or by tapping the Execute Query button in the toolbar.

Refining a Query

You can refine your current query by choosing View > Query > Refine from the application-level menu.

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