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Using Siebel Handheld Synchronization with the Handheld Client

Siebel Handheld Synchronization differs depending on whether users synchronize through Companion Sync or Direct Server Sync. The following topics show you how to launch and use Handheld Synchronization for each method.

NOTE:  A given user can only synchronize using one method. For example, it is not possible to install a Siebel Handheld application that a particular user will synchronize both to the Siebel Mobile Web client database through Companion Sync and also to the Siebel Server database directly through Direct Server Sync.

Companion Sync can also be performed in the method described for Direct Server Sync via Proxy in Using Direct Server Synchronization with the Handheld Client.

To perform Companion Sync from the handheld device

  1. From the application-level menu, choose File->Synchronization.
  2. In the Sync window select the "Enable Remote Sync" checkbox. It is disabled by default.

    For information on changing the parameter value for EnableRemote in the setup.ini file, see Siebel Handheld setup.ini Parameters.

  3. See the steps for synchronizing using DSSvP in the procedure To synchronize with the Siebel application server.
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