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Creating Catalogs

You create catalogs on the Catalogs page in the Catalog Administration screen.

To create a catalog

  1. Navigate to Catalog Administration.

    The Catalogs list appears.

  2. Add a new record.

    The Catalogs form appears under the More Info tab.

  3. Fill in the following fields using the form under the More Info tab.




    Brief description of the catalog.


    Check the box if you want the catalog to be visible only to users who belong to the access groups associated with it.

    If the catalog is private, all of its categories will also be private.

    Effective Start Date

    Date when the catalog becomes available for use.

    Effective End Date

    Date when the catalog stops being available.


    Check the box to make the catalog available.

    Catalog Type

    Choose Buying from the drop-down menu.

    Only catalogs of type Buying are shown on the Physician Portal.


    Image file associated with the catalog.

  4. Fill in a number in the Sequence field in the Catalogs list.

    Catalogs are displayed on the Physician Portal in ascending order by their Sequence field.

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