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Defining Access Groups

Access groups are defined in the Access Groups view under Group Administration in the Siebel Life Sciences employee application.

An access group is a collection of any combination of positions, organizations, divisions, accounts, and user lists. For example, an access group could consist of several professionals to whom you want to grant access to a particular samples catalog.

The members of an access group are instances of party types other than Person; that is, its members cannot be individual people. A user is associated with an access group by being associated with a position, organization, division, account, or user list that is a member of the access group.

After you have defined access groups, you can associate them with catalogs and categories. Access groups determine which catalogs and categories are visible to the user. When displaying a list of products, the user will see only those products that are in categories accessible to that user.

For information on defining access groups, see Security Guide for Siebel eBusiness Applications.

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