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Managing Medical Requests

A medical request is a health care professional's request for information on products or disease states or general information. All medical information requests include a medical request number, a title, a description, and a status.

A registered user submits a new medical request by clicking New in the My Medical Requests list on the home page or Medical Requests page, and then completing and saving the Medical Requests form. The user can check a medical request's status by clicking the link on the request.

Medical requests are stored as service requests in the database. Service requests can be viewed in the Siebel Life Sciences employee application by navigating to the Service Requests screen.

Service requests can be assigned manually to service agents, or an administrator can create assignment rules to automatically assign service requests to agents by criteria such as product expertise.

For information on creating service request assignment rules, see Siebel Assignment Manager Administration Guide.

To submit a medical request

  1. Click New in the My Medical Requests list.

    The Medical Requests form appears.

  2. Complete the form, and then click Save.

    The new medical request appears in the Medical Requests list on the Medical Requests page.

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