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About Getting Started with Siebel Loyalty

This chapter lists the applications administration tasks that are specific to setting up Siebel Loyalty. Use this chapter in combination with Applications Administration Guide.

Applications Administration Guide covers the set-up tasks that are common to Siebel Applications, such as using license keys, defining employees, defining your company's structure, and adding partner companies. It also provides the information that you need to perform data administration and document administration tasks.

This guide assumes that you have already installed or completed the upgrade of Siebel Loyalty. If you have not, go to the Server Installation and Upgrade section of the Siebel Bookshelf and click the links to the guides that are relevant to your company's implementation.

The Siebel Installation Guide for the operating system you are using describes how to create the Siebel Administrator account that is used to perform the tasks described in this guide.

In addition to the preliminary set-up tasks covered in this chapter, two major set-up tasks for Siebel Loyalty are covered in other chapters:

Siebel Loyalty Administration Guide