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Mapping Loyalty Partner Tiers to Company Tiers

If your company and the partner have agreed to give preferential treatment to members of each other's reward programs based upon tier status, then you must map the partner's tiers to your tiers.

For example, your highest tier may be named Platinum member, and the partner's highest tiers may be named special preferred member. You must specify that these tiers are equivalent.

This task is a step in Process of Setting Up Partner Access to Siebel Loyalty.

To map the partner's tiers to your company's tiers

  1. Navigate to the Partners screen.
  2. In the link bar, click Partner List.
  3. Select the record for the partner company whose tiers you want to enter and click its Partner name hyperlink.
  4. Click the Tier Relationships view tab.
  5. Add a new record to the Tier Relationships tiers list for each of the partner's tiers, and enter information about the tier. Some fields are described in the following table.

    Partner Tier

    Enter the name of the partner tier.


    Select the name of your loyalty program whose tiers you will map to this partner tier.

    Program Tier

    Select the name of the tier in your loyalty program that is equivalent to this partner tier.

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