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Setting Up Customer Access to Siebel eLoyalty

By using Siebel eLoyalty, customers can perform many tasks for themselves, such as enrolling as a member, signing up for a promotion, and redeeming points for rewards. For more information, see Member Self-Service with Siebel eLoyalty.

Setting Up Member Access

To allow customers members to use the Loyalty Member Portal:

  • You must set up authentication, access, and data privacy.
  • You can configure the Member Portal so it has the same look and feel as your company Web site.

You perform these tasks for the Member Portal in the same way that you perform them for Siebel eSales.

For more information about providing access to the Member Portal, see Siebel eSales Administration Guide and see Troubleshooting Display of the Catalog and Products to Loyalty Members.

Setting Up Self-Service Redemption

Members can use the Member Portal to redeem points for rewards.

There are two ways members can redeem points:

  • Using a Siebel Catalog. In most cases, the members redeem points by making purchases from a Siebel catalog and paying in points, which are deducted from the member's account. This catalog works like the Siebel Sales catalog, except rather than just paying with currency, Loyalty allows the member to pay with points, points and currency, or currency. If the product itself is purchased just with points, the member may still have to pay with currency for taxes, shipping, and handling. For more information about setting up catalogs, see Siebel eSales Administration Guide.
  • Using an External System. In some cases, businesses already have systems set up for selling products on line. For example, the airline industry uses a Global Distribution System (GDS) to allow customers to make reservations and pay for flights on line. These external systems can be integrated with Siebel Loyalty Member Portal, so members can use the page from the external system to redeem points within the Member Portal. Siebel Loyalty would store the number of points required for the redemption, but the external system would do the actual reserving of inventory. Once the reservation is made in that system, Siebel Loyalty is notified and processes a redemption transaction to debit the appropriate number of points from the member's account
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