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Seeing If a Loyalty Transaction Has Accrued Multiple Point Types

A single transaction can give a member points of multiple point types. For example, assume a program has two point types: Regular and Special. A transaction is created and processed for a member and the member earns Regular points as the base points. Another promotion is running that applies to this transaction and gives the member Special points. So, when the transaction is processed, the member earns both Regular and Special points.

To see if a transaction gave a member points of different point types

  1. Navigate to the Loyalty Member screen.
  2. Click the Member # of the desired member.
  3. Click the Transactions view tab.
  4. Click the Transaction Id of the desired transaction.
  5. Look in the following places:
    • The Total Points field in the Transactions list.
    • The Accrual Items list in Loyalty Member > Transactions > Accrual Items view.
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