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Cancelling Loyalty Members' Transactions

You can cancel members' accrual or redemption transactions. For example:

  • If members mistakenly redeem points for a product they do not want, they can call the help desk to have the member service representative cancel the redemption. They must call before the redemption has been fulfilled.
  • If members change their minds and decide to earn points in a partner's loyalty program instead of in your loyalty program, they can call the help desk to have the member service representative cancel the accrual that they earned previously.

If a member cancels a redemption, some of the points may have expired since the member redeemed them. If so, these points will no longer be available if the redemption is cancelled. These points are added back to the member's account, but they are past their expiration date and cannot be used. It is necessary for these points to be expired, because otherwise members could perform transactions and then cancel them, in order to avoid point expiration dates.

To cancel a transaction

  1. Navigate to the Loyalty Members screen.
  2. In the Members list, select the member and click its Member # hyperlink.
  3. Click the Transactions view tab.
  4. In the Transactions list, use a query to find the transaction that the member wants to cancel.
  5. With that transaction selected, click Cancel Transaction.

    The application creates a new redemption transaction which undoes the affect of the cancelled transaction. The Cancelled Transaction ID field of this new transaction displays the Transaction Id of the transaction that was cancelled.

  6. In the record for the new redemption transaction, in the Status field, choose Acceptable (if your company does not require manager approval) or Submitted (if your company does not require manager approval) to process the new transaction.

    When you cancel a transaction, it debit points that are closest to expiration, as a standard redemption transaction does, but it also debits qualifying points and lifetime qualifying points.

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