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Giving Vouchers to Loyalty Members

A voucher entitles a member to a specific product or service. For example, a voucher might entitle a member to an upgrade on an airline flight or on an automobile rental.

Members are given vouchers in two ways:

  • Vouchers are automatically assigned as tier rewards.
  • Vouchers are manually assigned by a member services representative.

Member service representatives can give vouchers to members and must record the dates when vouchers are redeemed.

Before the member service representative can give the voucher, a loyalty administrator must create it. For more information, see Creating Vouchers for Loyalty Members.

Giving Vouchers to Members

Member service representatives may give vouchers to members for a number of reasons, depending on your business model. For example, if a flight was delayed, all members on that flight might get a voucher for an upgrade on a future flight.

To give a voucher to a member

1 Navigate to the Loyalty Members screen.
  1. In the Members list, select the member and click its Member # hyperlink.
  2. Click the Vouchers view tab.
  3. Add a new record to the Vouchers list, and complete the necessary fields.

    The voucher's expiration date is automatically calculated based upon the expiration rule defined in the voucher product.

Using a Voucher

Vouchers are used by associating them with a transaction. Members can use two types of vouchers:

  • A specific voucher. The member presents a voucher with a unique identifier, the voucher number.
  • A generic voucher type. The member does not present a specific voucher number, but instead makes the system use one or more vouchers of some general voucher type. For example, an airline customer can have the system use three 500 mile upgrade vouchers. When the member uses a generic voucher type, the system automatically uses the vouchers that are closest to expiring.

Members can use vouchers with either an accrual transaction (for example, by using upgrade vouchers on airline flight) or a redemption transaction (for example, by using vouchers to get a free hotel stay).

Using a Voucher

  1. Navigate to the Loyalty Members screen.
  2. In the Members list, select the member and click its Member # hyperlink.
  3. Click the Transactions view tab.
  4. Create an accrual or a redemption transaction, and enter all required fields.
  5. Use the voucher in one of these ways:
    • Choose a specific voucher in the Voucher # field.
    • Specify the generic vouchers used by selecting a type in Voucher Type field and entering a quantity in the Voucher Qty fields.
  6. Submit and process the transaction.
  7. Click the Vouchers view tab.
  8. In the Vouchers list, verify that the chosen voucher (or vouchers) has the field values shown in the following table.



    Processed Date

    today's date

    Used Date

    the transaction's transaction date

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