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About Siebel Loyalty

Siebel Loyalty allows companies to build customer loyalty by creating reward programs and promotions. For example, it can be used to create and manage:

  • Airlines' frequent flyer programs
  • Hotels' frequent guest programs
  • Retailers' frequent shopper programs
  • Cruise Lines' and Railways' frequent traveler programs
  • Telecommunications firms' loyalty programs

Any of these programs can include promotions, which give members extra rewards for specific behavior. For example:

  • A promotion may give members bonus points for purchasing a specific product during a specific month.
  • A program may include promotions that give a member a set number of points for completing a purchase, additional points for being part of a high-level tier, and more points after three items are bought.

Siebel Loyalty Members

The members of loyalty programs can be:

  • Individuals. An individual person is the member. Each individual has a unique Membership #. Most business-to-consumer loyalty programs, such as programs for airlines, hotels, and retailers, enroll individuals as members.
  • Households. A household is the member. Each household has a unique Membership #. Multiple individuals can be part of the household, and an individual accrues or redeems points through the household's membership For example, a grocery store or retail store might enroll an entire household in a loyalty program, so the household gets the bonus no matter which member of the family makes purchases.
  • Accounts. A company or an organization it the member. This is generally used for business-to-business loyalty programs. For example, some companies, such as transportation firms, run loyalty programs that only have companies as members, so the company gets the reward whenever any of its employees makes a purchase. Some airlines' frequent flyer programs provide rewards to the individual who flies and to that individual's employer, which is an example of a mixed individual/account loyalty program.

Siebel Loyalty Users

Siebel Loyalty can be used by:

  • Your Employees. Your salespeople and member service representatives can enroll customers as members in loyalty programs, sell products that give rewards to members, redeem members' rewards, and resolve members' service requests.
  • Partners. Your partners can use the Siebel Loyalty Partner Portal to work with Siebel Loyalty through the Web. If it is appropriate to your business model, partner companies can deal with members in the same way that your own employees can. For example, in the automobile industry, it is typical for dealers to sell products to customers and enroll customers as members in reward programs. Loyalty programs can also be aimed at partners. For example, you can reward partners based on their sales of your products.
  • Customers and Members. Customers can use the Siebel eLoyalty to sign up as members in programs through the Web. Members can use eLoyalty to check their point totals, redeem their rewards and perform other activities through your Web site.

All of these users share information in the same database, and they are all able to view information that the others entered when appropriate. For example, when members use eLoyalty to self-enroll, your employees can see the information they entered, so you can provide these members with service.

Siebel Loyalty Administration Guide