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About Siebel Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs give members bonus points as rewards for their purchases or for other behavior. Examples of loyalty programs are:

  • Airline frequent flyer programs that give members bonus miles or that give members discounts on hotel stays or car rentals.
  • Supermarket programs that give bonus points to shoppers.
  • Programs that give bonus points to retailers based on their sales of a manufacturer's products.

A program is the highest level entity in Siebel Loyalty. Members, tiers, promotions, point values, and so on are all specific to a single program. Some things such as contacts, accounts, and products can be used across multiple programs.

Most companies have one loyalty program. A company may have multiple programs if it has two very different sets of memberships bases, accrual and redemption rules, tiers, and so on. For example, a company could have one program targeted at individuals, and another one targeted at corporate accounts.

How program are set up depends on each company's specific requirements. For example, if you want individual members to be able to transfer points to corporate members (such as when an individual flies, and the corporate parent earns some or all of the points), the you would set up one loyalty program with two different types of memberships - individual and account - and probably with different accrual and redemption rules based upon the membership type.

This chapter describes how to set up loyalty programs.

Before you set up a loyalty program, you should analyze your customer base to see which customers the program should be designed to appeal to. For example, if an airline finds that half of its revenues come from 10 percent of its customers, it would design the program to appeal to these frequent flyers. For more information, see Siebel Loyalty Life Cycle.

After setting up a program, you can set up promotions for that program, which give members bonus rewards beyond the usual program rewards for behavior that you want to encourage. For more information, see Setting Up Siebel Loyalty Promotions.

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