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Evaluating and Segmenting Members of Loyalty Programs

You can evaluate and segment members using Siebel Analytics or third-party analytics products, in order to decide which members promotions should target. Based on this segmentation, assign the members to groups, classes, and phases, so different promotions can target these different member groupings.

Calculating Member Value

You can track two values for a member:

  • Value Score. This field in the short Member Form Applet drives the dollar sign graphic at the top of this form, which quickly shows the user the member's value.
  • Lifetime Value Score. This field in the Member More Info form allows you to track the member's lifetime potential value in addition to the value a member is delivering at this time, which is tracked in the Value Score field.

Calculate member value with a third-party application that uses the data in Siebel Loyalty and external data if desired.

Assigning Members to Groups, Classes, and Phases

Siebel Analytics or the third-party application that segments the member base assigns members to applicable groups, classes, or phases.

The Group, Class, and Phase fields are in the Member > More Info view. Without configuration, these fields are read-only, since the assumption is that this non-Loyalty application assigns members these values.

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