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Creating Reward Promotions that Apply to the First Transaction on Day the Member Enrolls

You can create a promotion that will only give a bonus for the first transaction on the day the member enrolls, as follows:

  • Configure the product so the Joined Date field in Member > More Info view can be used as a criteria for a promotion. This field tracks a member's enrollment date. For information about using this field as the basis of a promotion, see Changing the Fields Used in Loyalty Attributes.
  • Create a promotion with:
    • A promotion-specific attribute that records whether the member has received the bonus (since the member should only get the bonus once).
    • Give the first rule for this promotion these two criteria: 1) Transaction Date = Joined Date, 2) Member has not yet received the bonus.
    • In addition, give the first rule for the this promotion these two actions: 1) Give the member the bonus, 2) Update attribute to show member has received the bonus

NOTE:  This promotion applies to the first transaction processed for that day, not necessarily the first transaction that occurred. For example, if a customer has two transactions, and the engine processes later transaction first, then bonus applies to the later transaction.

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