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Example of Creating a Partner Promotion

A Partner promotion gives a member a bonus when the member purchases a product from a partner.

The partner's product could be a flight, hotel stay, car rental, credit card purchase, or any other product that a partner sells.

A partner promotion is just like the promotions shown in other examples, except that you select the partner's name in the Partner field. Apart from that, you can use the same rules, attributes, criteria, and actions as the other examples.

When a member purchases the product, the member receives a bonus, and the points are deducted from the partner's point block.

For more information about how to set up partners and work with partners, see Using Siebel Loyalty with Partners.

To create a promotion as a partner promotion

  1. Navigate to the Loyalty Promotions Administration screen.
  2. Add a new Promotion record and complete the necessary fields. In the Partner field, select the name of the partner company.
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