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Creating Rules for Loyalty Promotions

This task is a step in Process of Creating Loyalty Promotions.

Rules for loyalty promotions have criteria and actions attached to them. The criteria determine whether the rule qualifies, and the actions specify what the rule does if it qualifies.

Siebel Loyalty uses these records as follows:

  • Rules. Loyalty reads the rules in the order specified by the Sequence field. Rules can have three possible values in the Apply To field: Attributes, Transactions, Tiers. Loyalty executes the actions of only one rule per Apply To value. When it finds a rule that qualifies (meaning all of its criteria validate to true), it executes that rule's actions. Loyalty then continues to read the rules in sequence order and, if there are rules with different Apply To values that qualify, it also executes those rules' actions.
  • Criteria. Loyalty evaluates criteria as true or false. All criteria must be true for the rule to qualify. In other words, all criteria for one rule are in a logical AND relationship.
  • Actions. If a rule qualifies, Loyalty executes the actions for that rule.

To enter rules for a loyalty promotion

  1. Navigate to the Loyalty Promotions Administration screen.
  2. In the Promotions list, find the promotion for which you want to enter rules and click the hyperlink in its Promotion # field.
  3. If the promotion form's Active check box is selected, click Modify.
  4. Click the Rules view tab.
  5. Add one or more new records to the Rules list, and complete the necessary fields, described in the following table.

    Sequence #

    Enter the sequence in which the application will evaluate the rules of the promotion.


    The name given to the rule.

    Apply To

    If this is a loyalty promotion, select either Transactions or Attributes to specify which of these the rule applies to.

    If this is a tier promotion, this field is read only and displays Tiers.

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