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Scenario for Member Use of Siebel eLoyalty

This scenario gives one example of how members may use Siebel eLoyalty. Your members may use eLoyalty differently, depending on your business model.

The Member Enrolls and Enters Profile Information

A customer of a supermarket learns that she can get points toward airfare and hotel expenses by being a member of the supermarket's new loyalty program.

The customer goes to the Web site URL that was mentioned in the supermarket's brochure.

The customer looks at the home page, which has more information about the program, and sees that there is a 50 point bonus just for signing up. The customer also clicks the Exclusive Promotions links and sees the details of the special promotions that are available only to members.

The customer decides to join the program and clicks Enroll for Myself. The customer fills out and submits profile information. The Web site displays a message saying the customer will receive a confirmation email.

When the email arrives, the customer clicks the link on the email to go to eLoyalty.

After entering the user name and password, the customer can see that the new Loyalty account already has a point balance of 50, which reflects the points received for signing up.

The Member Views Account Information

Occasionally, the member logs into the loyalty Web site to check the status of the account.

The member clicks the Statements link to view a time defined summary of the member's point balance, current tier, points needed to reach the next tier, and other items.

The member scrolls down to see the Account Activity list, with details about each of the member's transactions, including what day the transaction occurred, a description of it, how many qualifying points and bonus points the transaction earned, or how many points were redeemed.

The member scrolls down further to see the Vouchers list, with information about each of the member's vouchers.

The Member Signs Up for a Promotion

While looking at eLoyalty, sees a promotion that gives double points for purchases made during the week before Thanksgiving. Since the member is planning to buy groceries that week, the member enrolls in the promotion.

The Member Buys Products

On the home page, the member clicks Buy/Redeem products and receives a list of products that can be bought through the Web site. The member browses through the catalog and sees that bonus points are available for buying a cloth shopping bag with the supermarket's logo. The member buys this product.

The Member Checks Promotion Attribute Status

One promotion in which the member is enrolled gives members a 500 point bonus for purchasing five turkeys over a six month period. To see how many have been purchased as of today, the member clicks the link to see a list of attributes. The portal shows that the member has purchased four of the five required turkeys.

The Member Redeems Points for Rewards

After accumulating points, the member can use the Web site to redeem them for a reward.

On the eLoyalty home page, the member clicks Buy/Redeem products. The member browses a list of reward products.

The member chooses a one night stay at a local hotel. The member can specify whether to pay for the transaction entirely with points or with a combination of points and cash using a credit card. The member puts this one night stay product in the Shopping Cart, completes the order, and receives a confirmation number and an explanation of how the order will be fulfilled.

The Member Transfers Points to Another Member

After accumulating points, the member wants to transfer some of the point balance to another member. On the eLoyalty home page, the member clicks the My Profile link, then clicks the My Point Transfers link. In the Point Transfers view, she specifies the member number of the member who will receive the points, the number of points to transfer, and the type of points to transfer.

The Member Refers a New Member

While traveling, the member tells people about the reward program that is helping to pay for this vacation. When the member's friends hear about the free hotel stay, many of them are interested in joining the retailer's loyalty program.

The member logs into the Web site, navigates to the Refer a Friend view, and enters the names and email addresses of people who are interested in joining. When any of these people join, the member receives a 100 point bonus for referring a friend.

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