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GetViewMode Method

Getdcc returns the current visibility mode for the business component. This effects which records are returned by queries according to the visibility rules. For more information, read SetViewMode Method.




Not applicable



An integer constant that identifies a visibility mode


Where mode is a SiebelView Mode constant or its corresponding integer value. The constants shown are defined in three environments. For details on each Siebel ViewMode constant, read SetViewMode Method.

  • SalesRepView (0)
  • ManagerView (1)
  • PersonalView (2)
  • AllView (3)
  • OrganizationView (5)
  • GroupView (7)
  • CatalogView (8)
  • SubOrganizationView (9)

GetViewMode() returns NoneSetView mode until a business component is executed or has its view mode set through SetViewMode(). The NoneSetViewMode value indicates that the business component has not yet had any visibility rules applied to it. A business component that has just been created through a call to GetBusComp() is in this state, so if a specific view mode is desired, it must be explicitly set through SetViewMode(). Otherwise, the first time the business component is executed, its view mode is set according to some internal rules.

Used With

COM Data Control, COM Data Server, Java Data Bean, Mobile Web Client Automation Server, Server Script

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