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BusComp_PreGetFieldValue Event

The PreGetFieldValue event is called when the value of a business component field is accessed.


BusComp_PreGetFieldValue(FieldName, FieldValue)



String containing the name of the field accessed


String containing the value accessed


ContinueOperation or CancelOperation


PreGetFieldValue is called at least once for each user interface element that displays the BusComp field value, and it may also be called as a result of other internal uses.

NOTE:  PreGetFieldValue is called every time the user interface is updated to repaint fields on the screen. Therefore, a script attached to this event runs very frequently, which may cause the computer to appear to be unresponsive.

Even empty scripts are invoked by the framework and thus cause a performance impact. If you want to remove an existing script from BusComp_PreInvokeMethod to improve performance, you must inactivate the appropriate record using Siebel Tools.

CancelOperation stops the execution of the underlying Siebel code associated with the event. However, if there is code in the same script following CancelOperation, that code runs regardless of the CancelOperation.

Used With

Server Script

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