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GetChild Method


GetChild returns a specified child property set of a property set.




An integer representing the index number of the child property set to be retrieved


The property set at index index of the parent property set


When child property sets are created, each is given an index number within the parent property set, starting at 0. Property sets added using AddChild get the next available index number. However, a property set added using InsertChildAt inserts a new property set at a specified index. The property set previously at that index, and every property set after it, have their indexes increased by 1. Similarly, a property set removed using RemoveChild decreases the indexes of following child property sets by 1.

NOTE:  This method returns the number of direct descendants only. That is, if the child property sets have children of their own, these grandchildren are not included in the computation of the return value.

Used With

Browser Script, COM Data Control, COM Data Server, Java Data Bean, Mobile Web Client Automation Server, Server Script, Web Client Automation Server


This Siebel eScript example sets the Name property of child property sets to the same value.

function Test1_Click ()
   var Account = TheApplication().NewPropertySet();
   var Opportunity = TheApplication().NewPropertySet();
   var Contact = TheApplication().NewPropertySet();
   var Activity = TheApplication().NewPropertySet();
   var j;


   for (var i = 0; i < Account.GetChildCount(); i++)
      j = Account.GetChild(i);
      j.SetProperty('Name', 'Allied Handbooks');

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