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GetProperty Method

This method returns the value of a property when given the property name.





A string representing the name of a property as returned by GetFirstProperty or GetNextProperty


A string representing the value stored in the property indicated by propName, or an empty string ("") if the property does not exist

Used With

Browser Script, COM Data Control, COM Data Server, Java Data Bean, Mobile Web Client Automation Server, Server Script, Web Client Automation Server


The following fragment of Siebel eScript code receives a set of input properties used with the Shipping Engine service described in Service_PreInvokeMethod Event.

var Inputs = TheApplication().NewPropertySet();

var sShipper = Inputs.GetProperty("Shipping Company");
var dWeight = Val(Inputs.GetProperty("Weight"));
var dSize = Val(Inputs.GetProperty("Total Dimensions"));
var iZone = Val(Inputs.GetProperty("Zone"));

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