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TheApplication Method

TheApplication is a global method that returns the unique object of type Application. This is the root of objects within the Siebel Applications object hierarchy. Use this method to determine the object reference of the application, which is later used to find other objects or to invoke methods on the application object.

Browser Script Syntax


VB Syntax


eScript Syntax



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Application, an object for use in finding other objects or invoking methods


For example, when using Siebel eScript to determine whether you are logged in to a server database or local database, use TheApplication().InvokeMethod("GetDataSource").

Used With

Browser Script, Server Script


The following example is in Siebel VB. It retrieves the login name from the application object and creates the Employee business object.

Dim oEmpBusObj as BusObject
Dim sLoginName as String

sLoginName = TheApplication.LoginName
Set oEmpBusObj = TheApplication.GetBusObject("Employee")

Set oEmpBusObj = Nothing

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