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InvokeMethod Method

The InvokeMethod method invokes the specialized or custom method specified by its argument.

Browser Script Syntax

oApplet.InvokeMethod(methodName, methodArgs_PropSet);



The name of the method


Property set containing the method arguments

Server Script Syntax

Applet.InvokeMethod(methodName, methodArgs);



The name of the method

methArg1, methArg2, ..., methArgN

One or more strings containing arguments to methodName


In Server Script, returns a string containing the result of the method.

In Browser Script, returns a property set.


Available to Browser and Server scripting. If the method to be invoked exists in the Browser, it executes in the browser. Otherwise, the request is sent to the server for execution.

NOTE:  The InvokeMethod method should only be used with documented methods. Siebel Systems does not support calling methods with InvokeMethod, unless they are listed in this book. Calling InvokeMethod with an undocumented method is not supported. Undocumented methods may be modified or obsoleted without notice. Use of undocumented methods is entirely at your own risk.

Used With

Browser Script, Server Script


The following example is in Siebel eScript:

function WebApplet_PreInvokeMethod (MethodName)
   //Invoke a Siebel SmartScript from a custom button
   //using the applet.InvokeMethod method
   //Note the InvokeSScriptFromButton is from a custom
   //method added to a button
   if (MethodName == "InvokeSScriptFromButton")
      var iReturn = ContinueOperation;
      var sArgs = new Array(3);
      sArgs[0] = "Demo Opportunity Profile";
      sArgs[1] = "";
      sArgs[2] = "";
      this.InvokeMethod("RunCallScript", sArgs);
      iReturn = CancelOperation;
      iReturn = ContinueOperation;

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