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Applet_ChangeFieldValue Event

The ChangeFieldValue event fires after the data in a field changes through the applet in the user interface.


Applet_ChangefieldValue(fieldname, fieldValue)



A string representing the name of the field whose value changed


A string representing the new value assigned to FieldName


Not applicable


ChangeFieldValue fires after the data in a field changes, but not when a user moves to a different record without changing a value in the previous record. If a user changes the value in a field, and other dependent fields, such as calculated fields, change as a result, the event fires once for each field whose value changed.

NOTE:  This event does not trigger for changes made in pick applets or popup applets.

Used With

Browser Script


The following example is in Browser Script:

function Applet_ChangeFieldValue (field, value)
      switch (field)
         case "Primary Revenue Committed Flag":
         if (value == "Y")
            var thisBC = this.BusComp();
            var sRev = thisBC.GetFieldValue("Primary Revenue Amount");
            var sUpside = thisBC.GetFieldValue("Primary Revenue Upside Amount");
            var total = sRev + sUpside;
            if (total < 500000)
               thisBC.SetFieldValue("Primary Revenue Committed Flag", "N");
               alert("Changing the Committed Flag to NO as $500,000 in Revenue + Upside amount is required");
      alert("Error in ChangeFieldValue and error is " + e.toString() + " " + e.errText());

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