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Applet_PreInvokeMethod Event

The PreInvokeMethod event is called before a specialized method is invoked, by a user-defined applet menu, or by calling InvokeMethod on an applet.


Applet_PreInvokeMethod(Name, inputPropSet)



A property set containing arguments to be passed to the PreInvokeMethod event


ContinueOperation or CancelOperation


The PreInvokeMethod event is called just before a specialized method is invoked on the applet. If implementing a new method (not defined by the built-in functions), the Basic script should return CancelOperation to avoid invoking an "Unknown Method Name" error. Specialized methods are methods based on applet or business component classes other than CSSFrame and CSSBusComp, respectively—that is, specialized classes.

CancelOperation does not stop the execution of the code following it, but it does prevent the execution of any built-in code associated with this event. Applet_PreInvokeMethod should return CancelOperation when you are handling the event entirely through scripting and do not want the built-in code to execute. However, if there is code in the same script following CancelOperation, that code runs regardless of the CancelOperation.

Used With

Browser Script


function Applet_PreInvokeMethod (name, inputPropSet)
   if(name == 'NewRecord')
      if(confirm("Are you sure you want to create a new record?"))
         return ("ContinueOperation");
         return ("CancelOperation");
      return ("ContinueOperation");

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