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WebApplet_PreCanInvokeMethod Event

The PreCanInvokeMethod event is called before the PreInvokeMethod and also when an applet is loaded, allowing the script to determine whether or not the user has the authority to invoke the Applet method.


WebApplet_PreCanInvokeMethod(MethodName, &CanInvoke)



A string representing the name of the method to be executed.


A string representing whether or not the Applet method can be invoked. Valid values are TRUE or FALSE.


CancelOperation or ContinueOperation

Used With

Server Script


The following example is in Siebel eScript:

function WebApplet_PreCanInvokeMethod (MethodName, &CanInvoke)
   if ( MethodName == "CustomMethod" )
      CanInvoke = "TRUE";
      return( CancelOperation );
   return (ContinueOperation);

The following example is in Siebel VB:

Function WebApplet_PreCanInvokeMethod (MethodName As String, CanInvoke As String) As Integer
   Dim iReturn As Integer
   iReturn = ContinueOperation
   If MethodName = "Test" Then
      CanInvoke = "TRUE"
      iReturn = CancelOperation
   End If
   WebApplet_PreCanInvokeMethod = iReturn
End Function

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