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Application_Start Event

The Start event is called when the client starts and again when the user interface is first displayed.





Text of the command line with which the Siebel application was started.

NOTE:  Siebel Business Processes invokes this event. For more information, read Siebel Business Process Designer Administration Guide.


Not applicable

Used With

Server Script


This Siebel VB code should be placed in the Application_Start procedure for the application of your choice. This example retrieves the first and last name of the user logging into the Siebel application.

Sub Application_Start(CommandLine As String)
Dim oEmpBusObj as BusObject
Dim oEmpBusComp as BusComp
Dim oEmpBusComp as BusComp Dim sLoginName as String
Dim sUserName as String

sLoginName = TheApplication.LoginName
Set oEmpBusObj = TheApplication.GetBusObject("Employee")
Set oEmpBusComp = oEmpBusObj.GetBusComp("Employee")
With oEmpBusComp
   .ActivateField("Login Name")
   .ActivateField("First Name")
   .ActivateField("Last Name")
   .SetSearchSpec "Login Name", sLoginName
   If .FirstRecord Then
      sUserName = .GetFieldValue("First Name")
      sUserName = sUserName + " " + .GetFieldValue("Last Name")
   End If
End With

Set oEmpBusComp = Nothing
Set oEmpBusObj = Nothing
End Sub

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